Platinum Og by Aurum Farms

Eighth $58.00 Half $225.00 THC: 18.75%
CBD: 0.2%

Platinum OG is a precious indica-dominant strain that has established itself as one of the heaviest cannabis medications available today.


Platinum OG is just as precious as the metal it’s named after. With a THC content regularly topping 20%, this indica-dominant hybrid asserts itself as one of the “heaviest” strains around. Platinum OG is purported to stem from three strains: Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unknown parent. Flowers are lime green and plump, with prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating thanks to the abundance of THC crystals. A brief, heady onset settles into a powerful physical sedation suitable for nighttime use and pain, stress, or anxiety relief, making this precious strain a robust healer.


Category : Flower
THC : 18.75%
CBD : 0.2%


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